Ginter Park Residential

P1020638This historic residence, built over 100 years ago, is located in Richmond’s Ginter Park. Over time, settling and movement as a result of the home’s age, natural occurrences, and changes in use of living space resulted in abrupt bulges in the hardwood flooring and separations in plaster walls. The homeowners were very concerned about structural problems. As we spoke with the homeowners, it became clear that not only did they want to maintain the value and preserve the historic integrity of their residence, but they were also emotionally invested in this home, a great source of pride and love. We conducted thorough observations, investigation, and research of the existing construction utilizing subject matter experts in structural engineering, foundation analysis, and construction. As a result, Vannoy Consulting Engineers utilized sensitive judgment, diligent engineering, and fastidious construction means to implement cost effective corrections while preserving the integrity of the historic structure of the home in its current state and to alleviate the owner’s concern of continued or future structural threats.