John R. Vannoy, P.E. – President

DSCN4418John R. Vannoy, P.E., is a project management executive with over 29 years of experience in construction, engineering, and architecture.  He brings strong project management skills, leadership, broad knowledge, and in-depth experience in design and construction to his clients.  John is an innovator in managing projects from inception to completion, giving special attention to budget and critical deadlines.  He specializes in quick assessment, formulation, and delivery of cost reduction and risk mitigation strategies.  John is steadfast in implementing strategic and tactical initiatives and managing geographically diverse project teams requiring remote implementation and integration.

With a documented history of instituting highly successful turn-around for troubled and complex projects, John is an effective and perceptive leader who is skilled at building and developing cohesive and loyal project teams.  Understanding individuals and situations, he strives to communicate, collaborate, and positively influence and enhance team dynamics.  His guiding principles are simple: deliver consistent excellence, exceed client’s expectations, and establish lasting relationships.

During the first 12 years of his career, John acquired a comprehensive understanding of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical systems in water and waste water treatment plant design and construction.  As a project engineer, his assignments involved construction projects in Missouri, Arizona, New Jersey, and Virginia.

John then joined the firm of Counsilman Hunsaker & Associates as a Project Manager specializing in the design and development of Olympic class natatorium complexes, community swim complexes, and water parks.  He was a member of the design team for the 1996 Olympic Natatorium in Atlanta.

John was recruited by the 5th District of the Federal Reserve in Richmond, Virginia, and spent 15 years working in various Districts and branches dedicated to the design and construction of mission- critical facilities as well as physical and technical security enhancements.  He is experienced in internal audit processes and familiarity with banking industry infrastructure and operations.

Jon D. Haack, P.E., LEED AP – President, JDH Consulting Engineers LLC

Jon D. Haack, P.E., LEED AP, contributes a variety of experiences to our clients. Haack and Vannoy have partnered and worked closely together since 2000 on complex projects, bringing workable and financially viable solutions to our clients. Jon has over 26 years of experience in mechanical design and project management including HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection. He has specialized experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), LEED Commissioning, building central systems, code evaluation, building security and hardening, and energy management. Jon has designed work for facilities all across the U.S. including medical centers, office buildings, and government facilities.

Paul F. Louis, AOSE – Soils Consultant

Paul F. Louis, is a soil consultant and an Alternative Onsite Soil Evaluator (AOSE) licensed in Virginia.  As a soil evaluator he brings – years of drain field design and experience to a project.  He also possesses an associate’s degree in architectural drafting and design as well as a bachelor’s of science in education.  Paul studied industrial technology at Kent State University transferring to Virginia Tech where he received his Bachelor’s Degree.

Soil evaluation and designing drain fields has become the passion of his career.  As he says “soil is the horse power in drain field design”.  Paul has designed over six thousand drain fields and dug over twenty thousand holes in his career.  Designs have included residential and commercial projects such as homes, schools, apartments, restaurants, gas marts, factories, camp grounds, churches and colleges.  He also possesses experience in alternative designs inclusive of all the approved and some experimental waste water disposal methods.  Paul has designed systems as large as twelve thousand gallons of wastewater per day.


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